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17 2017-10
Carbon Fibre-Grid Battery: A new type of battery with epoch-making significance
Recently, a new type of battery with the epoch-making significance was created by Shoto group, which named as carbon fibre-grid battery. After years of painstaking research, the development team had overcome many hurdles and finally successfully developed a novel battery with guidance from academicians and senior experts.
16 2017-09
Shoto shows on Solar Power International in Las Vegas
03 2017-09
Kenya Safaricom visit Chinashoto
With the expand of business in Mid-East & Africa, Shoto has successfully carried out technical training for Safaricom recently.
21 2017-06
Application Cases of Shoto Lead Carbon Storage Project
12 2017-04
FTC Series Front Terminal Cycle Battery
06 2017-02
Shoto's Successful Application of Portable Battery Backup System
14 2016-12
Shoto High Temperature Battery
  With the development of low carbon economy,high temperature battery are needed clearly, 2011, the first generation product is produced and the second generation was born in 2012, and the deep cycle life is prolonged to two times and the temperature break through 45℃.
18 2016-06
Welcome to Intersolar Europe 2016 together with Shoto
Welcome to Intersolar Europe 2016 together with Shoto Welcome to Intersolar Europe 2016 together with Shoto
14 2016-04
The Global Household Energy Storage Market Embracing Unlimited Potential
Affected by global climate change and geopolitics, the renewable energy sources have risen as a new force, drawing increasing attention from the world...
04 2016-04
The Successful Holding of Shoto Global Core Partner Conference